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Diving Excursions

The Marine Environment of Taba

Taba offers a different diving experience to other diving resorts in the Red Sea. In other well known dive resorts dive sites can be overcrowded, meaning you spend more time avoiding other divers and their bubbles than looking at the marine life. In Taba you will be the only boat at the dive site allowing you maximum viewing opportunities on every dive.

Whether you are gaining experience or a seasoned diver, Taba has something to offer you. In general, the conditions and currents provide for relatively easy and relaxed diving. For the more experienced diver, you will also find marine life not found in other areas of the Red Sea, such as Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish, Toad fish and many more rare species.

General Information (Law and the environment)

All diving and snorkelling in the area is covered by law 102 of the National Parks of Egypt.
Below is a list of the laws that we have added for your safety and for the preservation of marine life:
No fish feeding.
No disposal of food or rubbish in the sea.
No collecting of shells or corals.
No touching of corals or marine life.
No fishing.
No spear fishing.


No diving deeper than 30m (100ft) as per law set by the EUSF, no decompression diving, a safety stop on all dives, no gloves, always dive with an alternate air source, surface with a reserve in your tank (50 Bar), ascend on the rope or near the reef, and do not ascend under the boats or in the blue.

Current flying after diving recommendations

Single dives; a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested. Repetitive dives, and / or multi-day dives; A minimum pre-flight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested

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